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The Challenge of the Modern Casino

Ah, the good old days! Set up a table, shuffle the cards, your casino is in operation. Those days are long gone. We deal with technology in modern gaming operations that is up there with the most complex IT installations in the world.

The challenge is in connecting that technology to the people who understand the gaming operation and to ultimately to the players. Commonly, this is a world run by the vendors of that technology, unless you are one of the huge multi-site groups. And even in those groups, the competing demands of large organisational cultural tribes can get in the way of getting the casino running at it's best.

The true challenge is to make sure that the technology is achieving what you want to achieve.

AD Gaming can help you focus your technology towards delivering on the promises that were made when the vendor sold it to you. We are vendor agnostic, but can talk the language the vendors talk.We're all about maximising the potential of the technology you have today or helping you find the technology that will do what you need tomorrow.

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